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What Kind of Math is Needed to Acquire a Real Estate License?

While most careers require a certain level of mathematical proficiency, acquiring a real estate license is an exception. This career requires a higher level of math and is more in line with passing a state exam than working in the field. However, you will find yourself doing a lot of math in the field of real estate. In addition to the state exam, real estate agents must be familiar with everyday math problems.

One of the biggest things to study for your real estate exam is the T-Method. This method is particularly helpful when working with percentages. This formula makes solving percentage problems easier. Ultimately, you will need to know this math to pass the real estate exam and work with properties in your job. If you can’t learn the T-Method before taking your test, you might as well not bother trying to acquire a real estate license.

Despite the fact that a real estate license requires you to have a high school education, you may still find it difficult to obtain one without a solid background in math. As a real estate agent, you will be looking at percentages and rates in your work, and it’s helpful to know how to apply these calculations to real estate. This knowledge is useful in negotiations with clients and when assessing investment properties.

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