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How to Buy Travel Insurance Online

Most companies now offer travel insurance online, but not every company offers the full transaction over the Internet. While most companies have Web sites explaining their products, others require mailed or faxed applications. Some companies have been promoting online purchasing of travel insurance for some time, and CSA Travel Protection is one such company. While CSA Travel Protection first began selling travel insurance online in 1998, it still follows up with hard copies for coverage verification.

World Nomads offers flexible, customizable policies. Its policy inclusions are broad and include activities such as mountain biking, bungee jumping, skiing, and scuba diving. Customers can also choose to purchase a standard policy or an Explorer Plan, which includes additional coverage for more extreme activities. For example, the Explorer Plan allows travellers to buy policies that include coverage for a particular sport. Unlike a standard policy, the Explorer Plan can be tailored to a specific destination and includes activities like scuba diving, skiing, mountain biking, and bungee jumping.

Travel insurance offers various coverage levels, but most travelers should adjust the amount of coverage based on the cost of their trip. If your dream vacation costs $30k for three weeks, you’ll want to buy a travel insurance plan that will reimburse you for your expenses if something goes wrong. Likewise, if you plan to take a vacation that costs a small fortune, consider purchasing a more comprehensive policy. It may be worth the extra money, especially if you’ll be traveling with your family.

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