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How is Social Media Beneficial to Youths?

While many people think that social media is good for young people, others question its beneficial effects on their education. Studies have found that it interferes with study time, as the constant notifications from mobile phones distract students from their studies. Participants also found it difficult to spend quiet time alone without checking their phone. The 24-hour nature of social media also keeps youth up late, making it difficult to focus on school work. Yet, social media may actually help youths in the long run.

Teens are more likely to unfriend others on social media. A recent survey found that almost half of teens unfriend others on social media for creating too much drama. Another study found that one-third of teenagers unfriend people for oversharing, and two-thirds report unfriending other teens because of politics or personal problems. A large majority of youth never organize their social media feeds. The study also showed that many youth use social media to communicate with friends and family. However, these teens do not delete posts because they are embarrassed or don’t want them to see them.

The benefits of social media for youths include being more aware of issues around the world. This allows them to make friends more easily, and develop friendships that last. Additionally, social media allows them to stay in touch with family and friends who live far away, despite the distance. While there are some negative side effects, social media can also improve a child’s emotional health and well-being. However, teens should be aware that some of these benefits are outweighed by their negative aspects.

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