Can I Buy Travel Insurance After the Departure From India?

You may be wondering: can I purchase travel insurance after the departure from India? Well, there are certain conditions. Most insurance companies in India do not allow you to purchase travel insurance once you leave India. You must also be on a policy within the last 12 months to remain insured. After you leave India, you should buy travel insurance from a reputable company. You can renew your policy online or offline.

Before buying travel insurance, know what types of coverage you need. Medical expenses and emergency repatriation are common situations that travel insurance will cover. Also, if you’re studying abroad, you should consider study interruption insurance. This type of insurance will reimburse unused tuition fees, if you need to cancel your course. Compassionate visit insurance will pay for two-way tickets for family members. The coverage depends on the type of coverage you choose, but there are some general terms and conditions.

You can also purchase travel insurance after the departure date. However, be aware that it’s important to purchase insurance before your trip to avoid unexpected costs. Buying insurance after departure can be confusing, especially if you don’t know where to start. The coverage you choose should be tailored to your travel needs. The best thing to do is to compare various plans and find one that’s right for you.

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